• Our Membership Meetings are the THIRD MONDAY of the month with Social Time at 6:30 p.m. and the Meeting 7 p.m. Membership meetings are held at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce on East Main Street
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JCI Senators

Junior Chamber International Senatorship

The idea of organizing the “JCI Senate“ was approved at the seventh JCI World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, in September 1952 and included in the JCI Bylaws as a category of membership. Since then, Junior Chamber members in over 90 countries have been honored.


The United States JCI Senate was formed, and its Constitution and Bylaws adopted, in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 20, 1972.

Since its inception, a Senatorship is considered the highest honor in the Jaycee movement.  It recognizes outstanding contribution and service to JCI and its member organizations. By providing Life membership, there is a link with an organization that continues to bring the Junior Chamber vision to thousands of young adults the world over.

Members of the Salisbury Jaycees who have been presented with the highest honor of Junior Chamber International are:

10705 John H. Culver, Jr.
12692 Robert F. Brown
15926 Henry S. Parker
17645 Ramond J. Matheu
23572 Wayne Reichard
26843 Frank Himelwright
27439 Bruce S. Hall
33400 John Holston
36765 Allen Hudson
37263 Greg Stein
39785 John E. Jacob, Jr.
40433 William Potts
43132 John Perdue
44030 Max Pete Hughes
44033 David Ennis
44191 Gene Malone, Jr.
48891 James H. Carpenter, Jr.
51242 Karen Hughes
55608 William S. Turner
55975 Jack Trader
58570 Kelly Shannahan
58571 Susan Dickerson
64625 Terri Tonelli
66821 David Smith
66822 Melanie Brewton Smith
75524 Jason Rhodes