• Our Membership Meetings are the THIRD MONDAY of the month with Social Time at 6:30 p.m. and the Meeting 7 p.m. Membership meetings are held at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce on East Main Street
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Management Development

Management Development is best described as the process from which managers learn and improve their skills. This area offers Jaycees opportunities to study and develop skills in financial management, planning and organization, and public relations. Our management officers make sure that our chapter is well run, well funded, and well informed.

Management Projects:

Pork in the Park KCBS BBQ Festival

It’s the event whose name everyone loves to say! The Jaycees partner with Wicomico Parks and Recreation to handle the beer pouring duties for the three day weekend.  It's typical for us to recruit and organize more than 100 volunteers, working more than 350 manhours.

Salisbury Festival

The weather was bright and sunny as the Jaycees staffed the Salisbury Festival’s second annual craft beer festival, pouring local brews from around Delmarva! What a great weekend to enjoy springtime.

Soft ShellMetric Century Bike Ride

The chapter’s annual Somerset County bike ride continued its reign as one of the chapter’s biggest fundraisers, drawing more than 100 cyclists from throughout the Mid-Atlantic. This project requires coordination with county officials and runs with sponsorship from participating local businesses. Jaycees man the rest stops and riders enjoy scenic and historical views along the route.

Delmarva Chicken Festival

Get it while it’s hot! The Salisbury Jaycees serve up roughly 2000 bbq chicken dinners in just two days when the Chicken Festival is in town.

Salisbury Jaycees Christmas Parade

Our chapter runs one of the largest Christmas Parades on the Delmarva Peninsula.  Many years we top 100 entries.  It's a lot of work for our volunteer crew of about twenty, but we love to help bring the spirit of Christmas to our town.  The Christmas Parade requires a lot of cooperation between school systems, the City's Public Works and Police departments, the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, local media outlets like WMDT, WBOC, the Daily Times and Clear Channel Radio, and of course dozens of local community groups.

Public Relations and Communications


The JCGram is our weekly email newsletter.  Hundreds of people in the community use the JCGram to learn about our projects, find volunteer opportunities, and keep in touch with their chapter after they age out.

Internet Marketing

A team of members keeps our website up to date, and maintains our chapter's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Our Facebook page won the title of Best Local Growth and Development Program from the United States Junior Chamber in 2013.

Chapter Operations

Civic Leadership Certification

Chapters have a checklist of activities to be completed throughout the year.  CLC includes things like creating a Plan of Action and a Budget, periodically reviewing progress towards your goals, filing paperwork with the state and the IRS, maintaining adequate insurance coverage, and more.  These are all things that must take place in the business world.  And for many members, it's the first time that they are given management duties to handle.

Award Submissions

The Salisbury Jaycees compete against other chapters in the state, nation, and world.  By submitting our progress to the Maryland Jaycees, we're often honored for our efforts and pushed up to national competitions.  But don't worry...we're honorable people and we compete in fun with each other.

Community Development

Relay For LifeEach year, the Salisbury Jaycees work tirelessly to help fill the needs of the community through the Community Development area. Whether partnering with Safe Kids Eastern Shore to provide child seat checks and safety fairs, sponsoring an annual birthday party for residents of Deer’s Head Hospital Center, helping the First Baptist Church of Fruitland make hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners for local residents or raising thousands of dollars for cancer research through Relay For Life, the Jaycees are active in the community year-round.

Two of the chapter’s highest-profile community events center on specific holidays. Since the Children's Christmas Shopping Tour1970s, the Jaycees have taken some 200 area children shopping for holiday gifts each year during the chapter’s annual Children’s Christmas Shopping Tour. (In fact, one of the questions we hear most frequently is, how do we choose which children get to go on the tour? In short, we don’t. While the chapter organizes the event, with funding from the Salisbury Jaycees Foundation, invitations are distributed solely by area schools and social service agencies.)

Treat StreetMuch newer than the Shopping Tour, the Jaycees’ annual Treat Street event began in 2008, after a local newspaper reported the year before that fewer parents in the city were allowing their children to trick-or-treat due to increasing crime in area neighborhoods. This safe trick-or-treating alternative draws hundreds of children, parents and volunteers  to Salisbury’s Downtown Plaza each Halloween night for an evening of games, storytelling—and of course, candy! During its inaugural year, the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce named Treat Street the No. 1 community youth project in the United States.

Membership Development

The Salisbury Jaycees have been providing young people the assistance they need to become active citizens for 75 years.  Over the years, our member roster has become a "Who's Who" of Salisbury, and the Eastern Shore. They joined to become better leaders, meet new people, and make their mark on the community.  They also ended up with a lifetime of memories and friends.


We are here to help you reach your goals in life. Haven't set goals? We can show you how. You will surprise yourself with the things you will accomplish as a member. By becoming a member of the best young person's organization in Salisbury, you become a part of a diverse chapter, which includes people with similar interests as you as well as some from different backgrounds and occupations. By networking through the chapter you will make friends and connections that will last a lifetime.


Very few organizations can claim to do as much for their communities as the Salisbury Jaycees. We sponsor and/or participate in many events that you may not be aware of in the Salisbury community. A representative list of the major projects of the Salisbury Jaycees is provided in the Community section of the website. These projects benefit youth, cancer research and other regional community causes.


Unlike many community service organizations, The Salisbury Jaycees do not require members to attend any particular number of events or meetings. We realize that many young people have busy schedules filled with additional responsibilities. We do encourage member participation in all of our projects and programs. The Jaycees emphasize that the ultimate personal growth and achievements comes from increased involvement. Most members agree that their "return" greatly exceeds the time and effort put toward the organization. 


  Whether you are about to graduate, just beginning your career or are well established, you will make valuable contacts in the Jaycees that can only improve your business. Several local employers consider the Jaycees such a good investment that they pay the membership dues for their employeees.


Salisbury Jaycees meetings are held 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Business Center at 144 E. Main Street in Salisbury. A social half-hour precedes each meeting, starting at 7 p.m. Prospective members or those who just want to find out a little more about what we do are always welcom 


Individual Development

Murder Mystery NightThe Jaycees may be the only organization in Salisbury where you can emulate the Food Network, study marine biology (with Old Bay) and even get killed… if you’re lucky! Thanks to the Individual Development Area and projects like the annual Jaycee Iron Chef competition, Crustacean Awareness Crab Feast and perennial favorite Murder Mystery Night, members learn and develop new skills, often in a fun environment.Iron Chef

Other chapter events such as Restaurant of the Month also fall under Individual Development. Individual Development activities have taken members aboard a boat in the Choptank River to learn about sailing, into the wilds of Assateague National Seashore for overnight camping near the beach and even to the Sharptown Firemen’s Carnival, where a handful of Jaycees have learned that winning carnival games isn’t as easy as it looks!

Several chapter members have become professional barbecue judges (yes, there really is such a thing) thanks to Individual Development. Others have learned about foods from different cultures each year thanks to international dinners and cultural awareness nights.

Travel is also a big part of Individual Development. Each year, the chapter takes day trips to places such as New York City; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Baltimore’s Inner Harbor; sporting venues and amusement parks.