Q.  How can I get my child on the Shopping Tour?
A.  While the Salisbury Jaycees and Salisbury Jaycees Foundation are happy to present the 41st annual Children’s Christmas Shopping Tour this year, the difficult task of choosing participants is left up to local schools. Neither the Jaycees nor the Jaycees Foundation have any influence over who receives invitations to the Shopping Tour.

Q.  How are children selected?
A.  The Jaycees ask schools to make sure invitations are provided to those most in need. Individual selection criteria vary by school and are established by school administrators.

Q.  Can the Jaycees help my family during the holidays even if my child is not chosen to participate in the Shopping Tour?
A.  The Jaycees assist some 200 local children each year through the Shopping Tour. Regretfully, we cannot accept unsolicited requests for assistance.  There are other agencies in the community, including local churches, Toys For Tots and other civic organizations, that may be able to help.

Q.  When and where is this year’s Shopping Tour?
A.  The time, date and location of the Shopping Tour each year is provided only to volunteers and the families of children receiving invitations from their schools.

Q.  My child received an invitation to the Shopping Tour, but lost it. Can I get another one?
A.  Please have the guidance counselor at your child’s school call the Jaycees regarding the possibility of a replacement invitation.

Q.  My child received an invitation to the Shopping Tour, but the event falls on a date he or she is unable to attend.  Can we schedule a different date?
A.  Unfortunately, the Shopping Tour is held only one day each year.  The Jaycees are unable to accommodate children who are unable to attend that day.

Q.  How may I volunteer to assist during this year’s Shopping Tour?
A.  Many community organizations and individuals sign up to assist with the Shopping Tour each year, chaperoning children at the store and helping them with the check-out, gift wrapping and post-shopping process.

Q.  How may I donate to the Shopping Tour?
A.  Donations are tax deductable and may be sent to:

Salisbury Jaycees Foundation
P.O. Box 855
Salisbury, MD  21803

For more information on the foundation, visit http://sbyjcfoundation.org.